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School Self Evaluation

S coil Mhuire Heronstown NS


Our Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan

1. Introduction

This document records the outcomes of our last improvement plan, the findings of this self-evaluation, and our current improvement plan, including targets and the actions we will implement to meet the targets.


  1. Outcomes of our last improvement plan from 2018 to 2019

  • The Abair Liom scheme was purchased for each class. Online resources are now used too.

  • Teanga ó Bhéal:

  • Further improved and developed the children’s oral communication skills using an incremental approach

  • Improved and promoted better sentence structure

  • Promoted speaking Gaeilge for enjoyment in a variety of everyday contexts, ‘Gaeilge neamhfhoirimiúil’


1.2 The focus of this evaluation

We undertook self-evaluation of teaching and learning during the period September 2019 to November 2019. We evaluated the following aspect of teaching and learning:

  • Assessment


2. Findings

A selection of children completed a survey on their opinions on assessment in our school.

  • 90% felt that they have been taught to assess their work

  • 100% said that other children assess their work

  • 46 % said that their teacher sometimes writes down or tells them how to improve their work

  • When asked what the teacher could do to help the child learn from their work the most common response was to talk to the child about it.


A parental survey monkey was sent to all parents to elicit their opinions on assessment practices in our school. There were 16 respondents.

  • 100 % felt that reports on their child’s learning were clear

  • 100% said that the reports give a clear insight into how their child is progressing in his/her learning




2.1 This is effective / very effective practice in our school

List the main strengths of the school in teaching and learning.


  • Teachers use assessment of learning and assessment for learning

  • Teachers use a wide range of assessment methods

  • Assessment results from standardised assessments are input on Aladdin

  • Parental opinion – positive comments on our two way form of communication

  • Children opinion – positive feedback on peer assessment


2.2. This is how we know

List the evidence sources. Refer to pupils’ dispositions, attainment, knowledge and skills.

  • Children completed a survey monkey.

  • Parental survey monkey

  • Teacher practice checklist

  • Principal and deputy principal review of current whole school practice of assessment




2.3 This is what we are going to focus on to improve our practice further

Specify the aspects of teaching and learning the school has identified and prioritised for further improvement.

  • Teachers to regularly provide pupils with constructive, developmental oral and written feedback on their work with a focus on oral feedback in the infant classes

  • Teachers maintain assessment records that are clear, useful and easy to interpret and share.

  • Assessment records to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of each child’s learning attainments and needs.


3. Our improvement plan

On the next page we have recorded:

  • The targets for improvement we have set

  • The actions we will implement to achieve these

  • Who is responsible for implementing, monitoring and reviewing our improvement plan

  • How we will measure progress and check outcomes (criteria for success)

As we implement our improvement plan we will record:

  • The progress made, and adjustments made, and when

  • Achievement of targets (original and modified), and when

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