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Physical Activity

Getting Active is Fun!

 We have decided to get as physically active as possible during this school year. Physical activity has always been a priority within our school. Our main aim is to engage in as much physical activity as possible each day. We will engage with new initiatives and improve our current practices. We will keep you updated with all of our fitness activities that the children participate in!

Junior and Senior Infants love to boogie!


Our dancing Superstars!

Run a Mile with a Smile Initiative

For the month of October, all classes will participate in taking time each day to run a mile. It is a great chance to gain extra outdoor time! Ms. Maher's class measured the perimeter of the pitch and we must complete ten and half laps of the pitch each day! When the children are finished they estimate the amount of steps it takes and it is a really fun activity. The children have their own record sheet where they record this information. We can already see the great benefits of running!


Our Active School Daily Timetable


Active Committee 2018


Let's look at what the Active Committee have to say...

April + May 2019 Active School Committee

On a Tuesday we did Basketball. The boys from 1st and 2nd seemed to enjoy it. I think it was very fun! Game day was on every Wednesday. The people from the active committee taught all the classes different games each week, like Duck duck goose. On a Thursday we played tennis. It is a popular sport, everyone liked it. But lots of balls went into the ditch when people were hitting them too hard, so we had to go into the ditch to get them. By: Aine Nevin
4th class

Active Flag Committee Member


March 2019

In March on Monday we did hula hoops. On Tuesday we did basketball. Dodge ball was on Wednesday. We had loads of fun doing hockey on Thursday. We did skipping then on Friday. We really enjoyed doing all these activities. By Aoibheann and Lara. Active Flag members 1st and 2nd Class


February 2019

We did obstacle course, tennis and football. We had great fun. By Garvan Halligan 1stClass Active Committee member



January 2019
In January the active committee asked all the children for new activities that they would like on the active timetable. The boys and girls suggested dodge ball and hula hoops. Skipping and hockey is so much fun that everyone wanted these activities in the new timetable again. Football started in January. Seán teaches us skills each Wednesday. We love football! By Morgan Dowdall 5th Class

Active Flag committee member


Active Advent in December
The Active Flag Committee decided to make an advent box with different activities in it. All the children wrote down an idea for the box. Each class picked out a different activity every day. The activity was for 5 -10 minutes. Dancing, skipping, basketball and tennis were chosen. It was really fun!

By Nicole

Active Flag Committee Member 3rd Class


 November -Cross country Bellewstown
On Wednesday the 14th of November 3rd to 6th
 class went to cross country running in Bellewstown race course. There were 2 different age groups -under 11s and under 13s boys and girls. The girls ran first and then the boys went. We learned
it’s not all about winn
ing, you need to pace yourself and you should never give up! By Alex 5h
 Class Active Flag Committee Member


 October 2018
In October we had a rugby coach. She taught us how to play tag rugby. We played lots of matches. We started running a mile with a smile in October too! We all really enjoyed this.

By Lee 6 th class
Active School Committee Member


September 2018
Every Wednesday for 4 weeks we had football with Graham from Syddan GAA. We had good fun! We played a match at the end of every session. In September we had Steven. He taught us dancing. We learned lots of great moves!

By Adam 6th class
Active Committee Member

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