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Opening Times: 9:10-1:50pm (Junior and Senior Infants) | 9:10-2:50pm (All other classes)
Small Break: 11:00-11:10am
Lunch: 12:30-1:00pm

Green School Committee 2018-2019

The Green Schools Committee consists of pupils from 2nd class to 6th Class. It includes Sarah, Emily, Áine, Tomás, Rachel and Ruairí. Each pupil has a role and responsibility within the committee. The committee meet regularly usually twice a month for a twenty minute meeting. It give the members an opportunity to voice their opinions and review how we are progressing in relation to water conservation and awareness. Here is a picture of our committee below. 


School Water Review

A Water Audit was conducted. Two members of the committee itemised the Water facilities in the school. We also found out the average number of litres of water we use each day in the school by checking the water meter. 

Our Leak Detectives 

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